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Deacan - Common sense project management
Why Us?

At Deacan we use a common sense approach to project management. We help you to do the right job at the right time with the right amount of detail. It's always based on what's best for you.

Project Management is a skill applicable to any industry. Employing Deacan ensures that your project will be run correctly, achieving the results you want in the manner that's right for you.

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How can you benefit?

If you, or your organisation, have ever encountered any of the following situations, you can benefit from Deacan's expertise:

  • don't have adequate resources to implement projects
  • haven't got a set of standards for project management
  • need advice to improve or implement better project management
  • don't have a full time Project Management Office
  • require project management advice, training or mentoring
  • believe your processes can be improved but don't know how
  • need independent advice on how a project is really doing
  • find that you have projects that are run badly
  • want to find ways to reduce costs

The Deacan Approach

The Deacan approach to project management is, first and foremost, based on common sense.

Our approach is designed to be flexible and scalable, providing a level of detail appropriate to the job at hand, taking the most effective pieces from proven frameworks such as PMI, Prince2 and Six Sigma.

With Deacan, all project documentation has a purpose. We do not subscribe to the pointless creation of fantastically complex project plans and tracking templates; far too often such things are ultimately cast aside because the complexity is far beyond what is actually required. Deacan keeps it simple; we do what is needed for that particular job.

Everybody in Deacan concentrates on what we do best: making sure that your project is completed, with the level of quality you want, ensuring that the result can be managed and maintained by your own people after we have left.

Call us, have a chat

If you want to know more about us, what we do and how we do it, our phone number is below along with our email address. Call us for a chat. We'd really love to meet you for a coffee.

Discover how we might work together with you and your company, if not now then maybe some time in the future.

We Enjoy What We Do!

We really do enjoy what we do. It's one of the reasons that Deacan was founded, after all.

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