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Deacan - Common sense project management
What We Do

Deacan delivers change using a common sense approach to project management.

Services we offer:

  • managing your project
  • implementing a new Project Management Office for you
  • reviewing and improving your existing Project Management Office
  • training and mentoring your staff
  • showing you how to use the right tools, the right way
  • reviewing and improving your company's processes
  • creating opportunities for your company

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Project Management: a skill for any industry

Project Management is a discipline that can be applied in any field. Our job, as project managers, is to ensure the quality and completeness of your project.

We have managed many projects in many industries; recent examples include health insurance, financial services, IT and telecoms.

We know why projects succeed and how to avoid the mistakes that result in a failed project. Deacan does the right things at the right times, ensuring that your project succeeds.


We'll set up a Project Management Office for you, or review your existing one

It makes sense for some companies to choose to manage projects internally. This has the primary benefit of retaining the skill within the organisation rather than having to bring people in for every significant piece of work.

We have set up Project Management Offices (PMOs) in many organisations. This includes setting up the appropriate processes, supplying the right amount of documentation, training your staff and providing support and mentoring so the PMO gets up and running in the right way.

Why would you implement a Project Management Office? Essentially, a properly implemented PMO provides your organisation with structure, control, support and constant improvement for your projects.

Perhaps you already have a PMO in place, but it's not providing the benefits you expected. Deacan can review your existing PMO, spot the areas where could be improved and make sure those improvements happen for you.


We'll train project managers for you

We offer bespoke Project Management training, showing prospective or even qualified project managers the most effective way to do their job.

Just like our common sense approach to project management, Deacan believes in a common sense approach to training. For any client requesting training, we perform a needs analysis to make sure that we are offering the right type of training for that situation.

This approach can result in anything from light touch mentoring for experienced staff to rigorous, full time training programmes if starting a full Project Management Office from scratch. It depends on what's right for you.

We do not believe in training somebody who will walk out of the training room never to use those skills in real life. At Deacan we can offer a buddy system to provide support and assistance to your staff when completing templates or a project plan for the first time.


Mentoring: share our knowledge and experience

If you already have project managers in place, we offer a mentoring service. This is done over time, informally, giving you and your staff the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience.

We offer ourselves as a sounding board for your project managers to use throughout their work for you, not just restricted to a particular project.

Often all that is required is somebody to say "Do it this way, not that way". We can do that for you.

We'll show you how to use Microsoft Project and other useful tools

Deacan can train you to use Microsoft Project in the most effective, common sense way. Too often we see gargantuan project plans which have little or no relation to the project at hand.

We can show you how to get the most out of Microsoft Project and portfolio management applications such as Planview. Deacan also offers training in Microsoft Excel and Visio showing project managers the best way to get the most out of these useful tools.


Subject Matter Experts

Effective project management requires subject matter experts. These can be arranged by us for you, using our experienced consultants who have specific domain knowledge in many industries, or we can use the people who know best within your own company.

It all depends on what is right for your project, and your company.


Allow Deacan to create opportunities for you

There are opportunities in every organisation which are there to be found. These can often be as simple as introducing efficiency improvements, enabling better prioritisation of your projects or making improvements to your processes. Deacan is experienced at process review and optimisation, resulting in reduced costs for your company.

Allow us to use our knowledge and experience to help you.

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